Difference between Rate Contract and Tender

As a professional, I am pleased to share with you the key differences between rate contract and tender.

Rate Contract:

A rate contract is a type of agreement between two parties, where the supplier agrees to supply goods or services at a fixed rate for a specified period. The rate contract is usually awarded to a supplier who has met certain criteria and has a good track record of supplying the required goods or services.

The rate contract is beneficial for both parties, as it ensures a steady supply of goods or services at a fixed rate. This means that the buyer can plan their budget accordingly and the supplier gets a guaranteed source of income for the specified period.


On the other hand, a tender is an invitation or request for suppliers to submit a proposal to supply goods or services. The tender document usually outlines the requirements and specifications of the goods or services, and the suppliers have to submit their proposals based on these requirements.

The tender process is generally used for large-scale procurement, and the selection of the supplier is based on various factors such as price, quality, and delivery time. The winning supplier is usually awarded a contract for a specific period.

Key Differences:

The key difference between rate contract and tender is that the rate contract is a pre-negotiated agreement between the buyer and the supplier, whereas the tender is a competitive bidding process.

In a rate contract, the supplier is pre-approved by the buyer and is awarded the contract at a fixed rate, whereas in a tender, the supplier is selected based on their proposal and the winning supplier has to negotiate the price with the buyer.

Another difference is that the rate contract is for a specified period, whereas the tender is usually for a one-time purchase or a project.


In summary, both rate contract and tender are procurement methods used by buyers to obtain goods or services from suppliers. While the rate contract is a pre-approved agreement between the buyer and the supplier, the tender is a competitive bidding process. Understanding the difference between these two methods can help buyers make informed decisions and choose the best procurement method for their needs.



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