Emphatic Agreement Crossword Clue 13 Letters

Are you a crossword lover who is stumped by the clue “emphatic agreement crossword clue 13 letters”? Fear not, because we`re here to help!

First, let`s break down the clue. “Emphatic” suggests that the answer is a strong agreement, and the number “13” indicates the length of the answer. So we`re looking for a 13-letter word that means a strong agreement.

One possible answer is “concurrence.” This word means agreement or accord, and the emphasis on the “conc” syllable gives it a strong, emphatic quality.

Another option is “unanimousness.” This mouthful of a word means complete agreement among all parties involved, which certainly fits the bill for “emphatic agreement.”

A third possibility is “compliance,” which means a willingness to conform to rules or requests. While this word may not seem as emphatic as the other two options, it still conveys a strong sense of agreement.

Of course, there may be other 13-letter words that fit the clue as well. If you`re stuck on a crossword puzzle, it`s always helpful to look for adjacent clues or try filling in letters based on intersecting words.

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In conclusion, “emphatic agreement crossword clue 13 letters” could be solved with words like “concurrence,” “unanimousness,” or “compliance.” With a little creativity and perseverance, any crossword puzzle can be conquered!



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