Cbsa Fb Contract

CBSA FB Contract: What You Need to Know

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently negotiated a new contract with the Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) that represents its Front-Line Border Services Officers (FB). The new contract includes many changes that affect the work conditions and compensation of these employees.

Some of the main changes in the CBSA FB contract are:

1. Salary Increases: FBs will receive retroactive salary increases of 2% per year for the past four years, plus an additional 2.8% increase over the next three years. This means that FBs will see a total salary increase of 10.4% over seven years.

2. Work Patterns: The new contract includes changes to the work patterns of FBs, with a focus on improving work-life balance. The new agreement includes a new compressed work week option and an increase in the number of hours of leave entitlements.

3. Improved Benefits: The CBSA FB contract includes improvements to various benefits, including dental and health insurance, and vision care coverage.

4. Increased Maternity and Parental Leave: The new contract will see the addition of five weeks of paid maternity and parental leave for both male and female employees.

5. Additional Sick Days: FBs will now receive a maximum of 15 paid sick days per year, up from the previous 10 days.

6. Travel Pay: The new agreement will see an increase in the allowance for employees who are required to travel for work.

The new CBSA FB contract is a significant improvement over the previous agreement and represents an important step forward for these employees. The increased salary and improvements to benefits and work conditions will help to attract and retain the best talent in this highly specialized field.

In conclusion, if you are a CBSA FB or are considering a career in this field, it is important to be aware of the changes in the new contract. The improvements in salary, benefits, and work-life balance are significant and represent a positive development for FBs.



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